Kent Women in Business Awards 2015

and the winner is..

Oh my goodness, not long now ’till the 2015 Kent Women in Business Awards ceremony dinner.

I am so flattered and honoured to be nominated for the second year on the trot. Last year I was nominated for ‘Home Based Business of The Year 2014’ and was honoured and proud to be a Finalist in that category.

This year I have been nominated for ‘Creative Business Women of The Year 2015’

It’s the awards season, the time of nominations, short lists and statuettes. And if you happen to be up for one, whether it be employee of the month or the gong for best vegetable patch, you’ll be in the spotlight. Tis the time of year when we are hearing about who is wearing what to either the BAFTA or The Oscars.

I recall the buzz last year of who is wearing what, and the count day to the big day. And yes it was a VERY big day for me. Nothing like this had happened to me before or for so many other lovely Kent business women too.

Awards don’t just have the power to make or break a carer in film or TV, they can have a powerful effect effect on the fortunes of all kinds of business too. There are awards in every business sector – from British fashion to ready meals and they all offer companies like mine the chance to make a name for themselves, something that can be invaluable for a start-up business.

This is an opportunity to sell myself. Entering an award is a chance to pitch my self to a panel of people who might – who knows – be my ideal customer too.

Getting a nomination alongside a well known or big company can be nerve racking but its all a big thumbs up. It says that big companies are your peers too.

A nomination even better an award is a powerful shot in the arm for a little starts-up morale 🙂

I put a lot of effort into applying for these awards, came close to throwing in the towel, as anyone who has entered can tell you, it is bloody difficult to say what makes your business so amazing in just 500 words or less!

It is the third year that the Kent Women in Business Awards have been running and a record number of nominations have been made for 2015 entries this time.

When I read I had been short-listed again it set my heart racing.

I didn’t think I would get short-listed, let alone finalist, things like that didn’t happen to me, but the validation felt brilliant.

The moment I knew I was nominated I made sure that everyone knew about it. Awards give you credibility but its still up to me to spread the word. I have contacting existing customers, potential clients and most of all thanking those who had helped me along my journey.

Last year, on the day, I was very excited. and I was thinking: “I love this red carpet! I love all the people that wove it together! It’s all brilliant!” – it was Cinderella-land for me.

I gave myself permission to wear something special, something I had always wanted to wear, a full proper Indian Sari. My Husband had taken the day off – to help me get dresses! We were shown by the place were we bought it how to properly put it on. My Husband was a star, I couldn’t have done it myself!!

I felt a million dollars. KWIB finalist picFINALIST KWIB 2014 logo small copy

My thoughts were, if I don’t win at least I shall be remembered for my attire. Which is true as I still have people comment on the beautiful garment today.

Seven days and counting now. Next week is going to be such a lovely evening, it is an honour to be part of the celebrations of so many inspiring and talented women in Kent.

Obviously I am hoping to be a winner this year, but I am up against some awesome brilliantly talented worthy winners too.

Here’s to a great night and looking forward to talking dresses, drinking fizz and celebrating being honoured to call myself an award winner along side so many fantastic entrepreneurs Kent has and being part of so many others success stories too.