Buying art materials : Tips.


Buying art materials : Tips.

My biggest tip is : Choose the best quality you can afford.

Don’t be tempted by ‘special sketch book sets’ or ‘students colours’ you could learn to regret your skimping as they may be inferior paints or paper that will not produce the vibrancy and effect you are after.

You may admire other artist work, from present and past, however a lot of the quality and longevity of a piece relies on the quality of the materials.


Whether you chose tubes or paint boxes, be sure to by the artist’s quality paints.

It is always worth the extra cost because:

: the pigments are richer

: provide greater vibrancy and depth of colour

Regard the initial outlay as a one-off investment; a tube or paint set will last a long long time and, although sometimes you need to replace an individual colour, you will never have to buy a whole set again.

Buying cheap is a false economy, do not buy cheap ‘as im only beginning’ or ‘its only a little something’ please buy the best you can afford as the results will reflect in the quality.

The better the quality the more enjoyable the process and will result in better paintings and effects too.

it will save you time you time and money in the long term.  winsor newton


Brushes come in all ranges of shapes, sizes and fibres – the choice depends of personal taste and effect however, when starting out – or rekindling and old past time, you do not need a vast range of brushes, I would suggest:

1 x fat, 1 x square end brush 2 or 3 round end of difference sizes.

Good quality synthetic brushes are a much cheaper option. They do take a little more care when cleaning but work perfectly for any budding artist.paintbrishes


Depending on the effect required, depends on the paper you buy but again do not buy cheap starter pads. It will ruin the effect and a lot of cheap paper seeps and is like working with kitchen towel, which can be a very frustrating start to any project!

There are many companies who sell vast ranges of papers, of varing weights and effects.

For all your art materials I would always recommend going for a well known brand like Winsor & Newton, Daler & Rowney or Reeves. All these companies describe the best use of their products and the best way to use them. Yes there are many more on the market but these are the ones I use with blinding results – worth every penny.

I hope this has been of some use to you, earlier this year I was chuffed that an attendee of one of my art workshops said that she felt inspired to paint again after many years of something ‘she once did’

My advise to her as it has been here, buy the best you can afford as you will reap the benefit 10 fold.

It was the best tip given to me a while back and it is one of the first things I say when starting my workshops too.

if my workshops gives just one of the below, then that makes me one happy bunny.

  • Re kindle a painting passion
  • Learning new skills.
  • Relax, have fun and no experience required.
  • A practical and supporting art therapy and an engaging activity.
  • The workshops is designed to activate the imagination and inspire.
  • giving yourself permission to relax, unwind and be youartworkshop

I hope this has been of some use to you, and wishing many years of enjoying either a new profession or a happy hobby.  😉

Trisha Wood xx